Hybridisation Podcast Season 1: Have you listened yet?

Inc & Co coined the term ‘hybridisation’ in the workplace as a way to explore the growing reality of blending both work and home. It is now the name of our business podcast. Created by our inhouse team, it aims to challenge ourselves and our guests to explore this evolving concept. 

The first season of our Hybridisation podcast, hosted by Charles Billot, Inc & Co’s Head of Sales and Marketing, explores the ways in which Hybridisation may impact people and culture.

It features three respected and renowned thought leaders. This includes Adam Strudwick, Principle Corporate Interiors at Perkins and Will; Andrew Tuck, Editor at Monocle, and Lynne Makinson-Walsh, Head of People at Inc & Co.

We heard their thoughts on the effects of COVID-19 and the acceleration of remote-working. They also discussed the challenges companies may face in maintaining and evolving a company’s culture.

‘What everyone was scared about with the enforced acceleration experiment in working from home was the technology (..) but I think it’s been great.’ – Adam Strudwick

“We’ve been in constant contact with people whilst they’ve been remote working (…) and from a mental health perspective, we’re asking people to come back into an office environment and we’re doing everything that we can to keep people safe.” – Lynne Makinson-Walsh

“I think physical space still does mean things to people. It’s a little bit to do with status. It hints that you intended and it hints that your ambition shows longevity in what you do.” – Andrew Tuck

You can listen to the full episodes here.

Season 2 will feature well-renowned guests from across the pond and focus on ‘Technology as the Enabler.’

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Hybridisation Podcast Season 1: Have you listened yet? Inc & Co
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