Avoiding burnout is vital to a successful business, here’s why

‘Avoiding burnout is essential to long term business success. It doesn’t matter your sector, business or plan, coping with the pandemic and everything else that goes along with it is tough. Work never stops, but you have to.’

August has been a huge month for the Inc & Co group. With the announcement of three new acquisitions and an ever-growing number of new recruits, our CEO, Jack Mason, is busier than ever. Just this week the Inc & Co Group moved into a new office over the six times the size of the previous.

Growing a business, acquiring others, onboarding various kinds of people and planning for the future, all in the middle of a pandemic, would be reasonable means for burnout. However, in his latest blog, Jack shares his thoughts and ideas on how to avoid burnout in times like these, and why it is vital to the success of your business to do so.

Covering the need for maintaining a work/life balance and acknowledging your control, you can read the full piece here.


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