King Street Grooming Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary.

King street grooming logo

One year ago this month, we decided to undertake a remarkable journey. This journey began with the vision to bring something unique and unprecedented to Manchester. Our aim was to repurpose a vacant storefront on the city’s renowned King Street and convert it into the first destination in the city offering premium grooming and treatment services specifically for men.

We had a vision of a place where men could experience the heights of grooming luxury, a retreat within the city where they could unwind while being cared for by experts. We wanted to establish a spot where style, sophistication, and service would converge, creating a unique experience unmatched in the city and unlike any other barbers in Manchester.

The path to realising this vision was far from easy, but with the unwavering support of an exceptional team of barbers and therapists, KSG navigated each challenge they faced.

The loyal customers have become an integral part of the journey. Their support, feedback, and trust in the brand played a pivotal role in shaping King Street Grooming.

The transformation of the empty shop on King Street into a thriving men’s grooming destination, the talented team, and the loyalty of our customers are all a testament to the hard work, perseverance, and dedication poured into this project.

We have big dreams and aspirations for the future and to continue to provide an unmatched grooming experience for the Men of Manchester at King Street Grooming.