Less than 20% of contact tracing solutions could be GDPR compliant

Manchester-based data software firm, MyLife Digital, has discovered that less than 20% of current contact tracing processes used by the hospitality industry are GDPR complaint. Businesses using non-GDPR compliant apps are at risk of heavy fines from regulators as well as losing customer trust.   

MyLife Digital has created Guestbook, a digital app for managing customers’ data, that ensures their personal information is secure, making it easier for businesses to contact trace their customers. In response to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s announcement yesterday that it will be compulsory for pubs and restaurants to take customers’ details for the Test and Trace programme, MyLife Digital is offering a free 28-day trial to businesses across the UK. 

J Cromack, Managing Director from MyLife Digital said: “There has been limited guidance for individual businesses when it comes to contact tracing. This means many companies have set up systems or applications that don’t follow GDPR or best practice. We have seen cases of small businesses using contact tracing to conduct advertising without explicit consent, phone numbers being used to stalk customers, and papers with personal details being left unattended for all to see.”

He continues: “Simplicity and data privacy have been at the forefront of the Guestbook launch. We want businesses to be able to focus on delivering the best services they can, not worrying about data – especially when customer loyalty is so vital.”

Guestbook has been designed using privacy-first principles with a simple sign up process for venues and their customers. There is a separate option to collect consents for marketing purposes and the customer is clearly informed about this. Should a business receive news of a positive test for Covid-19, it can easily and securely access records. 

Companies can visit the website to sign up for a trial or contact the team on 01225 636 280 for a demo. 

Less than 20% of contact tracing solutions could be GDPR compliant Inc & Co
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