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Exclusively part of the Inc & Co’s; Club 100


The U.K's most useful company Benefits & Perks programme

We’re proud to offer employees Benefits & Perks are more than just ‘pool tables and beanbags’ and we make sure that each Benefit & Perk is something you actually, benefit from.

We have Benefits & Perks to support you when you’re ill, give back to your local community or save on the brands you know and love.

When you become part of Inc & Co and the Group, you receive your very own welcome gift, which includes a special membership card.

You can use your Club 100 card in physical locations such as King Street Grooming & incspaces and we’re constantly adding new brands.

The magic comes when you tap your phone against your Club 100 card to instantly see your Benefits & Perks, anytime, anywhere.


The origin of the ampersand can be traced back to the Latin word ‘et’, meaning ‘and’.

The E and the T that make up this word were occasionally written together to form a ligature (a character consisting of two or more joined letters). Writing the word this way saved the writer time, with one letter flowing seamlessly into the next – a form of cursive or joined-up writing.

It’s impossible to say precisely when the symbol was first written down, but an early example has been found as graffiti on a wall in Italy around 100 AD.

We’ve taken inspiration from the origins of the ampersand to create one destination for all your company benefits.


Paternity, Holidays, Training, or Volunteering, you can redeem these benefits by checking the Redeem page.


Discounts from KNOMO London, MyProtein, tado & Deliveroo, you can redeem these by visiting the Redeem page.

We have Perks that you keep for life, even if you leave us, as an alumnus. No matter how or why, you keep your Club 100 card. Look for the logo to see which Perks are for life.

Club 100 inc & co Lifetime Perk

The card can be used in two ways:


Bring the Club 100 card to the back of your phone to be taken to the Club 100 website to view the latest Benefits & Offers. You must have NFC enabled and the phone be made within the last 5 years.


Show your Club 100 card in King Street Grooming, incspaces, Chop'd, Poke + Bowl, The Campus Coffee to redeem those specific benefits.

Yes. We love suggestions for Benefits & Perks that matter the most to you, send your suggestions here.



We are proud to offer you the U.K’s most useful company benefits programme.


Perks are for everyone, no matter where you are in the U.K.
Get discounts on things like ASOS, Blinkist, MyProtein, tado, Currys, Greggs & Inc & Co brands such as Chop’d, 
KNOMO London & King Street Grooming.

Perks are discounts from brands that you know and love. We’ve gone out to secure the best deals, just for Club 100.

Yes. We love suggestions for Perks that matter the most to you, send your suggestions to us.

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