Joining Inc & Co offers many opportunities.

At Inc & Co we offer knowledge and support. We add organisation and structure. We empower and enhance, providing digital businesses with the best possible chance of success. So, whether you are looking to sell your business, looking for added operational support, or looking to start up an agency or business but don’t know where to begin, we can help you and your business achieve success.

We believe that companies succeed when they are motivated to provide outstanding services to clients.

When you join the Inc & Co family you will have access to business-level services such as help with finance, sales strategy and recruitment. You will also have a dedicated marketing team on hand, as well as mentorship and the opportunity to cross collaborate resources and clients with other businesses in the group, all of this in return for equity. Our added support on the operational side of the business, means that you have more time to commit to your teams development, and more resources to dedicate to providing a great service to your clients and customers.

When you join the Inc & Co family, we don’t want you to be ‘just another business’. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and collaborative, which is why we want all of our digital businesses to retain their culture and ethos when they join us. This adds to our diversity and means all of our businesses retain their individuality as well as learning from and encouraging each other.

Send us an email: [email protected] to see how your digital business could benefit from added support.

We are looking for dynamic companies with a strong legacy in the digital and creative sectors to join our group. We aren’t just stopping in the North West, we’re looking to welcome businesses from cities across the UK, such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

At Inc & Co we believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. That’s why when a new digital business becomes part of our family, we encourage them to retain their identity and culture, working closely with you to ensure we keep as many jobs as possible. By joining our diverse group, your business will benefit from our business-level services and the operational support we provide to ensure your business succeeds.

This added support means that when you hand your business over to us, you can be sure it is in capable hands. We want to make sure your digital business proceeds to thrive, continuing its legacy. If you wish to still play a part in your business after its sale then this is something we are also happy to discuss.

If you’re looking to sell your digital business, drop us an email at [email protected] to see how we can help.

If you’re entrepreneurial, ambitious, passionate and looking to create and nurture your own business then we would love to hear from you. Launching within the Inc & Co group means you will be able to start your journey building the business you want, whilst benefiting from our diversity, knowledge and resources.

We will support you every step of the way, offering mentorship and guidance, helping you find an identity for your digital business, marketing your brand, and ensuring you hire the best team to get your business up and running.

Our HR, marketing, sales and financial support means you can start taking a more strategic approach. With help from our experts in finding new business and working on your sales strategy.

Whether you’re a freelance specialist or an experienced creative with a great business idea, feel free to email us at [email protected] to start your journey with us.