We create the curve

We’re a business collective with a difference. Not only do we acquire ambitious digital businesses, we give them a whole new lease of life.

We bring our digital businesses into a collective where they have access to shared resources, HR support and financial frameworks. By providing this structure, we empower them to produce excellent work that allows us, them and their clients to grow.

What does an ampersand really represent?

That little symbol blends and bonds, bringing things together, stronger than before. It’s inclusive and collaborative – and that’s not just what our name stands for; it’s what we stand by. We’re here to make a better landscape for digital businesses and clients. We’re Inc & Co.

Jack Mason


Overseeing the strategic direction of the group is our CEO, Jack. It was his idea to form Inc & Co as he wanted agencies to work closely together. Helping to nurture agencies by providing them with shared business functions such as HR, Marketing and Finance so they can focus on delivering outstanding services to clients.

Dave Antrobus

Technology Director

Having gained his experience working on some of the biggest e-commerce websites in the industry, our Technology Director, Dave, understands the ever changing tech landscape. That’s when Dave teamed up with Jack to create Inc & Co, using his expertise to assist the leadership team in making vital technical decisions.

Lynne Makinson-Walsh

Head of People

Lynne is our Head of People. Working together with James, Lynne oversees HR and recruitment. She works hard to retain the current members of our agencies by emphasis on their personal and professional development, encouraging them to expand their knowledge and grow their skillset.

James Ferry

Talent Manager

James is a people person, which makes him the ideal individual to assist Lynne in finding ambitious talent for the group and our agencies. James realised he had an eye for recruitment after gaining experience in a digital agency where he learnt various ways to find and retain the best employees.

Our Mission

Taking an architectural approach to build a dynamic portfolio, developing the digital landscape.

Independently free yet together on culture and vision.

Our Vision

Striving forwards with an unwavering ambition for growth and opportunities.

Building a layered platform of skills and services, the ultimate modular for the digital industry.

Our Businesses

Wood For Trees

At Wood For Trees, we are dedicated to helping any charity get more from the data they hold. We do this through various innovative products and services, split into two categories: Analysis & Insight and Systems & Solutions.

Insight Analysis

At Insight Analysis, we have spent decades on the front line of elite sport working with coaches, athletes, and governing bodies to help them perform at their best. We offer a unique set of services ranging from quick out of box solutions to advanced consultancy & implementations.

MyLife Digital

At MyLife Digital, we develop solutions that bring people closer to their data. We empower individuals and organisations to work in partnership to understand, control, and gain mutual value from that data for positive outcomes.

Digital innovation

At Skylab, we are a world-class digital innovation agency, specialising in the digital transformation and evolution of organisations. Through the creation of successful digital strategies, websites, and web applications, we improve awareness, engagement, participation, governance, and revenue. We help organisations to become more operationally efficient, scalable, and commercially successful.

Human driven software development

At Cuhu, we are a collection of curious humans. We’re forward thinkers, problem solvers, and entrepreneurial minds who not only build great tech but great tech businesses. Our team of software engineers works hard to build mobile apps and desktop software that challenges the boundaries of tech, taking your great ideas, and making them a reality.

Co-creation at the core

At Neon, we’re a long-standing digital agency that has constantly re-established ourselves in an evolving market. So, it’s safe to say, when it comes to digital marketing, we know what we’re talking about. Whether its SEO or social media, design, or development, we work on fine-tuning every aspect of your digital marketing to make it a success.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry To Your Door

At Laundrapp, we provide a full-service laundry experience through the ease of our award-winning app and we operate nationwide. We allow customers to book the collection of their laundry from the comfort of their home and get it delivered straight back to their door.

A special kind of agency

At Brass, we’re a marketing agency that puts your audience at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s PR, search, design, or retail activation we make sure we deliver the right experience so that your constantly consuming audience connects and interacts with your brand through futuristic programmatic technology and a collection of creative ideas.