Award-winning business group co-founded by Group CEO Jack Mason, Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan. Our brands operating globally across retail, property, travel & digital.

Inc & Co recently announced the multi-million-pound acquisition of luxury furniture brand, Maker&Son.


Striving forwards with an unwavering ambition for growth and opportunities. Building a layered platform of skills and services, the ultimate modular for our businesses.


Taking an architectural approach to building a dynamic portfolio of retail, property, travel & digital businesses. Independently free yet together on culture and vision.

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Who we are inc & co


Technology Director & Co-Founder

Group CEO & Co-Founder


Group Chief of People & Culture

Who we are inc & co

Chris Hatfield

Group Chief Finance Officer

Who we are inc & co



Working with Inc & Co can be one of the most rewarding roles you’ll have, but it will be fast paced and hard work. Our teams are energetic, collaborative and diverse and you’ll work on projects that stretch your ability as a person.

What is it like to work at Inc & Co?

If you’re looking for your latest challenge, check out the roles available across the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions that we get asked through our website about Inc & Co, Jack Mason and Dave Antrobus.

Award-winning business group founded in the U.K with customers and teams worldwide and ran by Group CEO, Jack Mason and Group CTO Dave Antrobus.

Inc & Co was founded by Jack Mason the Group CEO, Dave Antrobus the Group CTO and Scott Dylan. All three were shareholders. Inc & Co is now owned by Investments Holdings (BVI).

Jack Mason is the Group CEO and co-founder of Inc & Co. Jack is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in Barcelona.

Dave Antrobus is the Group CTO and co-founder of Inc & Co. Dave is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in Manchester.