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The Brand

Asia's First Palletised freight network

To lead the growing logistics industry in Asia, we created Thailo with the intention to build a Palletised Freight Network with further international expansion expected across Asia.

Our network will be based on the UKs proven and popular hub & spoke model, where our members will enjoy a range of benefits of using a ‘shared delivery network’ giving them access to national palletised distribution from a depot that is close to them.

What They're Great At

The team at Thailo are experts from the logistics industry, and understand exactly what their customers need to ensure they can run their business as smoothly as possible. 

The team have spent an enormous amount of time and energy building a unique system from scratch, utilising technology to scale and meet the demands on the network at peak periods of the year. They handle the entire journey of a pallet end-to-end, from their advanced collection and delivery apps, through to the routing software used in both depots and hubs.

The History

After spending months out in Thailand speaking to various suppliers and logistics companies, gathering industry data, and speaking with some of the industry leaders, it was clear that there was a growing need for a network just like Thailo.

Thailo weren’t satisfied with any of the off the shelf software, so a bespoke system, Thailo Connect was built specifically for customers.

The team offer full training and support to members with traffic and warehouse management built in.

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