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We believe that every business should have the support and skills to succeed.

Inc & Co is a UK-founded business group with brands across retail, property, digital and logistics. The group has teams worldwide, including the UK, Australia, Asia and New Zealand and is headed up by Group CEO Jack Mason. The group specialises in business acquisitions and investments, helping to support businesses at risk of administration or liquidation. Recent acquisitions include Baldwins Travel in 2021 and luxury furniture brand, Maker&Son in 2022. Learn more at


If your business is a going concern or you’ve hit a roadblock with funding support or a lack of help from HMRC or creditors, we can provide hands-on support to get things moving again.


A business which is looking at potential insolvency, or liquidation usually is one that needs a quick turnaround assessment and deep dive to find potential solutions to save the business.


You’re ready to sell up and move on to retirement or you just fancy a fresh challenge, we’re delicate and confidential with a potential sale and will discuss how we can make the process painless.

Spotlight: King Street Grooming

Learn everything you need to know about our brands here at Inc & Co in our new series of Spotlights starting with Manchester’s premium barbers & treatment destination, King Street Grooming. 



Maker&Son believe that there are people like them in the world, looking for truly comfortable furniture made from only natural materials. They design and make each of their pieces by hand, using traditional methods by the finest local craftspeople.


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