Jack Mason, Founder and Group CEO

Jack Mason is a business investor and entrepreneur. He founded Inc & Co Group in 2019 with a singular mission in mind: to acquire ambitious digital businesses and give them a new lease of life.

As Founder and Group CEO, he oversees the strategic direction of the business, including acquisitions and business strategies across all sectors.

Inc & Co is redefining business organisation, growth and collaboration by bringing companies into a creative collective to make them more effective, efficient, profitable and empower them to deliver a dynamic portfolio of services to clients.

Jack Mason: “Inc & Co Group offers inclusive solutions and collective resources”

Jack says: “We provide high-level strategic support to companies across the UK in the digital, property, retail and hospitality sectors. And we created Inc & Co Group to help companies to grow by providing collective resources, including business strategy, development, financial, marketing, HR and tech support. 

“We offer a strong inclusive proposition for our clients at a time when running a business is challenging. By being part of the same group, it means that we can offer a more robust proposition, shared resources and talents and a wide range of collaborative services.

“I, like many business owners, have learned hard lessons over the years and I’ve grown from them and wanted to leverage those lessons to help other businesses thrive. Inc & Co is all about helping businesses to streamline, grow and prosper.”

Inc & Co has offices in London and Manchester.

Recent acquisitions include:

Laundrapp, the UK’s biggest on-demand laundry service

Brass, a Leeds-based creative agency

Neon, an award-winning digital marketing agency

Cuhu, a mobile app development business

incspaces, serviced office space in London and Leeds

Skylab, a digital transformation agency

Wood For Trees, charity data specialists

Insight Analysis, data analysts for elite sport

MyLife Digital, a consent and data management agency

Knomo, the bags and accessories brand