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Scott Dylan

Co-Founder at Inc & Co

Location: Manchester

Email: [email protected]

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Scott Dylan is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, and philanthropist based between the UK, Ireland and Spain. Scott is one of the Co-Founders here at Inc & Co, and since its inception he has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success. One of Scott’s main goals is to ensure he can save jobs and turn around struggling businesses that join the group.

Since 2019, Scott has been helping to oversee all acquisitions that come into the Inc & Co group and works closely with the senior management team and other key stakeholders to ensure all brands are moving forward in line with the group’s main goals.

Scott Dylan’s experience covers a wide range of sectors, such as digital creativity, investments, logistics, retail, and music. Beyond his career, Scott is committed to contributing to the community and supporting mental health initiatives.

Starting Inc & Co

In 2019, Scott, in collaboration with Jack Mason (Group CEO) and Dave Antrobus (Group CTO), established Inc & Co to rescue and revitalise distressed companies. With Scott’s strategic leadership, Inc & Co has marked significant achievements and expanded its portfolio across diverse industries.

The group’s acquisition highlights include incspaces, Knomo London, Skylab Agency, Baldwins Travel Agency, Thailo, Maker&Son King Street Grooming.


Outside of his professional life, Scott is a keen traveller who enjoys immersing himself in the culture of new destinations. He has lived in various countries, including the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, and France. When not travelling, Scott enjoys time spent with his fiance Gareth and their dogs.

One mainstay in Scott’s life is his relationships with friends and family, and he pursues various hobbies, such as music, dancing, and cinema. He studied music in school and can play several instruments.


We asked Scott Dylan, Co-Founder of Inc & Co, some big questions to get his view on founding the group & what he loves about his role.

Throughout my professional career, I have seen several opportunities where companies have failed because they have lacked the support or guidance from their current owners. Inc & Co was created to offer companies this support, as well as to help turn around any businesses that had lost their way.

I’ve always had a deep rooted passion to save jobs and try and help creditors not loose money. It’s one of the reasons I always fight as hard as I do to to save companies.

Acquisitions are complex processes that are challenging for both existing employees and management. They often contain numerous complications, stemming from the intricacies of a takeover.

Nevertheless, I have repeatedly witnessed the positive impact of providing guidance and strategic direction to a business. Steering these entities towards a path of success validates the effort and reaffirms the value of my role. This sense of achievement is what makes my job deeply rewarding each time.

I’ve personally always found a sense of achievement when I know that jobs have been saved.

Scott Dylan is originally from Greenwich in London, UK, but over the years he has  lived on and off in Manchester. He  also lived and travelled all over the world. Manchester has always had a really feeling of calmness that always draws him back to it.

Now Scott lives between the UK, Ireland and Spain, with his fiance Gareth, but has ambitions to move back to the USA.

You can get in touch with me by emailing [email protected], or feel free to connect with him through social media.